NOW OFFERING: Distance Chakra Healing




When your chakras are out of balance, you are out of balance.

If you’re not familiar, the chakras are 7 energy centers that run throughout your body and if you’re feeling out of balanceΒ this could be a contributing factor, fret not, there are many healers that can help you find your balance.

If you’re feeling unbalanced and want to seek holistic wellness (to supplement not as substitute to other healing modalities) I’d be happy to provide a healing service for you.

My background: I’m a Quaker seminary graduate, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Modern Shamanic Practitioner and Chakra Healer and I’m now offering distance chakra healings.

What this purchase entails: Within 24-48 hours you will receive a personalized written summary detailing which of your chakras is currently lacking balance and guidance as to how to seek to re-balance it.


Songbird Sparkle (April Barnhart MDiv)