NaPoWriMo Day 1: Dis-instruction poem- tells the reader how not to do something

NaPoWriMo (2019), Poetry


Saucy fragrant meat stuffed and filling fluffy white seams bursting tortillas,

Topped with clouds of cream and bioluminescent extra sharp orange cheeses

I had to sub marinara for tomato paste

Which wasn’t a big deal since I added cumin anyway,

All I know is, these are the most in-authentic enchiladas

but they taste like my mother’s love,

I  humbly receive eucharist bubbling,

I let go of all that is troubling,

Even if I tried and died to do the “right” thing the “wrong” way,

Thank Grace for shimmering kaleidoscope and enduring sun’s rays.






You were a summer thunderstorm and I was the raindrops in your palm

It was a rush,

I felt concussed

The moment my lips first collided with you,

I was in love, you were my lemongrass honeydew,

Honey who? Honey you? How did we end up like this?

Separated by the abyss,

Sometimes I think you didn’t even exist,

But then I hear the bass thumping and I know you did,

Thank you for everything,

My Medicine, my King.


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There’s things you want to tell her

Maybe you someday will

Maybe you won’t ever, voice cracked, stand still

Broken by absence and time

You lost a bit of golden heart and gained kaleidoscopic mind

Let me be the stand in

I’m here, I’ll listen,

Let my steady presence be your provision

In a time of war, may you have peace,

Stars collide, release, release, release

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Piglets-First-Beauty-PageantEarning and taking privileges, pearls, swine, Kings

Asking simply profound indigo inquiries:

Is your heart an opal, reflecting sweet multi-chromatic sunbeams?


We are endless sky and telescope,

Drum hum heart beating hope.


We can’t stop the wheels of this train from turning,

Hell is freezing, heaven burning.


I sink into scarlet lime like well worn sweater,

Will you pull the thread, or let it stay together?


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He, immovable boulder,

His tarantula like fingers in my hair,

He stood in my kitchen statuesque, serene or burning,

His love was honey,

Cloying nectar rendering immobility,

I couldn’t avert my gaze for all of infinity,

While running away, over my shoulder I sought him,

Protector, in rough and gentle ways I fought him,

There is no love like the love we give with a broken heart,

I restored myself unto him and he kept me from falling apart,

Scarlet snake slither and to the Earth return,

Scales fall from eyelids, dizzy violins, Heaven burns

Judge Not



Bathed in cobalt moonlight, I drive to your window,

The light’s off, nobody’s home,

Maybe you’re there, wrapped in velvet gray, on the cool wooden slabs, forehead telling stories of your perceived failures,

Better to keep driving, nobody’s home,

Who was the firecracker who burned so brightly in the sunshine of your youth?

Now, the days are both a flash and wearily long,

You walk down the corridors of the past as if you are seeking permanent residence,

Where will you make your home?

These are the questions you dare not ask,

Allow me to inquire into your fog,

I will appreciate the haziness with fervor of sloth,

By December none of this will have mattered,

If it ever really mattered at all,

I played with fire and danced in the rain the same place she wept for your gaze,

I see the star you shared and I see it’s decay,

You are the grim reaper who breaks his own heart time and time again,

Fear your only constant lesson,

I will not write you love songs or poems, I will only write that I hope in time you will love you,

Sun charged stones lining paths of healing and truth,

May you find space to rest your fins, furrowless brow,

Third eye kissed, limerance, holy tryst, take my bow


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Betrayed, Poetry


You put the lure on the hook and I bit,

Ready to be sacrificed at the altar of you,

You pulled me from crystal streams sunlight glinting and admired my scales,

Ran your knife against my tender flesh,

Pondered making me your evening meal,

But then, seeing yourself in my condition,

Released me back into the ocean,

Bloody cheeked, I swim on

Honoring the Awakening



c9f1e3704fb0e53463e8702b64345eac american spider

She discovered she was in fact in the ocean,

She thought she might drown in the commotion,

She struggled valiantly against the rocky waves,

Then Wisdom arose and she knew she’d be okay when she decided to take it day by day,

She turned her body into a graceful back float,

Chartreuse trees and icy sky her view as she awoke





You pacifed your wounds with smoke and spirits

I held hand doubtful, you were deaf to hear it,

This affection is rare and can’t be faked

And you take and take and take

Filling your pockets with the best of my intentions,

Why have I left myself with only crumbs?  The question, my lesson,

I will not allow myself to drop into limerance and only be caught by cold hard Earth,

You could have caught me had you only known your worth,

I can’t convince you of what you don’t know to be true,

This is why my love, I now release you.


I release you that I might hold onto me,


May we find peace and hearts lustrous, beaming, free

NaPoWriMo Day 30: Engage with a strange and fascinating fact

NaPoWriMo (2018), Poetry


Fact Chosen: Cap’n Crunch’s full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch


Horatio was a simple man at sea,

His laugh full and true,  jolly as could be,

Grog unending as he plumbed the depths,

Swilling and pillaging and breaking necks,

He was ne’er the man his Father aspired him to be,

For he was far better than could be seen,

He would not be apprehended

His charisma couldn’t be suspended,

He would be beloved in the hearts of all,

Horatio Magellan we salute you with every delicious milky sucrose crunch-tastic cereal bowl