NaPoWriMo Day 6: Line Breaks


You were supposed to be the lock

I the key

But you veered differently

You traded loyalty and promise

For unfamiliar


I tried to forgive but my heart never forgot what you



I do

Wander through the desert stuck at perpetual oasis

Unsure of sight/sound of torture/bliss

I do

Make new promises I canโ€™t keep

Only fulfilling steadfast lack of sleep

I do

Trust that in time

I will find

What I seek

May you find that only always forever that you misplaced unreplicable key


May your lock never un-latch


S/he will stomp your door in, guns blazing and show you a new way

I hope you will never be okay




Long before Beyonce’s fabulous album, “Lemonade” which by the way is an amazing collaborative piece of art which has inspired countless other works of art including this:

I was a newlywed, in 2007, with a sign in my kitchen that read “Make Lemonade.” Sometimes when I have moments of clarity I can appreciate that past me was doing my best to make sense of and navigate the bitter and sweet aspects to life. Now as I dig further into aromatherapy I can’t deny that lemon is one of my favorite scents. Pair it with Lavender and C’est Magnifique!


Dark Citrus Oil Painting by Emily Christoff

A poem that does an amazing job of wrestling with the bitter and sweet:


A favorite Lemon song:

I hope this post will uplift and inspire you, as that is how the scent of lemons makes me feel, may you be equipped to:



Grace, Peace, Star/Sun Light and Love,

Songbird Sparkle: April Barnhart MDiv