Now Available for Sale: Angel Aura Quartz Wands


Angel Aura Quartz is an iridescent violet, rainbow and baby blue toned stone.

This wand can be used decoratively or to help align chakras. This harmonizing stone is affixed upon a glittery base.

(Variation will occur, each order is unique as each wand is made by hand. Size: Comparable to a slim #2 pencil)


NaPoWriMo Day Four: Enigma


Tubes of lipstick lined up like soldiers,

Succulent strawberry, apple and cherry preserves,

Exploding raspberry nectar.

The painted sky at dawn and at dusk,

The patina, the panacea, the layers of rust,

Every teachers correction,

Communion wine hummingbird heart, 1,000+ beats every 60 seconds,

Vine Ripe Tomato,

The heels clicked to take you home.