Cobalt crystals line the driveway to my dreams
I seek sages to tell me what that might mean
And they tell me
Child, be still, seek peace,
Radiate resplendently.
You must only seek secret ways
To riverbanks and trees
Birds that sing praises of heroes unsung who still sing.
Wrapped in the wings of something holy,
The nest now a whisper of a memory.
Grace will move when she’s ready,
You must only wait.


Neptune’s Labyrinth


(Photo Credit: https://prezi.com/q7odgbqsw5gf/neptune-the-blue-planet/)

Star burnt, lips kissed

I have them now too,

Episodic genius madness in a world of boxes,

How can they cage the moon?

Radiant and reluctant to be,

So was I, so was she,

Eyes chestnut and eyes that have seen too much,

Symphonic rage wept from her gut.

How could she be anything but everything?

Her paradox,

being a key amidst illusory locks.

She will sell seashells by the seashore,

Nurse & sway & sing, the deaths of thousands of stones,

To sand, to sea,

To infinity,

You have never seen something so beautiful,

Shimmering and fading right in front of your eyes the whole time,

Obscured from your view as you

Were stuck asking the fossils for answers,

& I will offer you no further pity,

but that of a tender-hearted Mama to her lost and forlorn child,

May you be found.