NaPoWriMo Day 18: Revision


Don’t lose your confidence

Never confusing certainty with circumstance
Never distrust Providence

Allow yourself to rest and dance
Remove your ignorance

Open your eyes, devour the glance
Accumulate tolerance

Open your heart to time and chance

Patience is a must

Waiting is virtuous
Your mind, you dust

Interally reinvent combust
Body mustn’t rust

Alive with touch
Always be honest

Keep your promise

Hopefully you live

Engage and give
In God, ever believe

Higher power receive
The best, you give

Utmost forgive
Better to forgive

Holy remnants sieve

Choose the right path

Follow the map
To toil, take an oath

Work hard, promise and go
God and hope, trust both

Let unfocused become focus and propel your boat
Don’t die like a brittle moth

A shell, in the end, be, do not

God-faith helps thrive

Sustained and survive
As He makes us survive

We can trust at all times
Our belief, He does revive

Awakened we reside
He helps peace to be alive

Trust, a wellspring inside

Take efforts and await

Trust in plans great
After showing your might

Trust everything will be alright
Being happy is right

Stars shine in night sky
As joy, you can sight

Sun and stars both emit light

True efforts never die

Nothing good is wasted in time
They appeal to the Sky

Answers come from you and I
God keeps His eye

Fixed on flight
Upon those who try

So trust the current and take a dive

Good luck my dear

I wish you more joy than tears
Pursue without fear

Your dreams so dear
If hard-work is here

Enjoy future cheer
No place for tear

It is time for friends, hugs and beer


Thank you Mvvenkataraman:

Original un/revised poem found here.


NaPoWriMo Day 17: Family Anecdote


No hard feelings, it was the curse

You were destined to be first,

The curse made me strong seeking that which could not stand,

You’ll find in time, the curse will have made you a stronger man,

We will both move on

Sing new songs,

Into the river they leapt arms locked, it was war,

Now is after, that was before,

Now it’s time for seeds to scatter,

We’ll always have Jesus and the latter,

Don’t be bitter, it was just the curse,

You were destined to be first

NaPoWriMo Day 15: Villain faces an unfortunate situation, and is revealed to be human (but still evil)


He ached for red-lettered flesh,

He rocked his babies to his chest,

While she trusted he was who he said to be,

Truth more twisted than she could see,

Was he an evil villain?

No, merely man,

Hungry with undisciplined desire,

Selfishly burning all, unrestrained fire

Day 10 NaPoWriMo: Simultaneity


She wouldn’t know for 5 revolutions,

That he shattered their innocence,

In the black, ignorance was her bliss,

Cloaked in the lies of betrayals kiss,


Existing, persisting are the boulders Sisyphean,

She doesn’t have to squint, she can clearly see them


Concurrent days and nights run parallel,

There is no bed as inviting as the tomb you’ve sealed for yourself,


Yet the crystal rivers continue to run,

Come Goddess, Rise Goddess, It is time you begun

NaPoWriMo Day 9: A poem in which something big and something small come together.


Fill the void with luscious melodies

Words woven into worlds when you are next to me

Can we partake?

In a moment of grace?

Which seed do we sow of which do we forfeit?

Some risks sometimes outweigh benefit,

One discerns as they learn,

Then way opens and you take your turn,

Hoping ever slightly to do better than the ones before,

Nothing is everything and everything is evermore

NaPoWriMo Day 8: Poems in which mysterious and magical things occur



Between my ears, a graveyard where his ghost still roams,

His face clear, voice muffled, shadows of our home,
This mausoleum, once a happy place,

Now memory of time, before space,

Sometimes I think he will return but he has abandoned me,

What am I? Princess? Pea?

Why do I survey the clock as if death’s metronome?

There are no hints revealed, just silence and stone,

Phantom love and trust exist no more,

I tried to be like Jesus but surely even he must have kept score,

No one has the capacity to love without conditions,

Some say they’ve solved that mystery but it sounds like superstitions,

Dirt loves dirt because dirt loved dirt first,

Are you the best? Am I the worst?

The coin spins and you see the side you sit on,

Bleakest hopeless before the dawn,

Slam it sticky down on cherry oak, outside from within

The coin still exists,

Now I sing dirges to lull my soul to peace,

Rest peacefully my beloved, go you now from me.


Just beyond us, cerulean sparkle sunbeams en-wrap lime lush leaves

Violet glitter glints of wings

In this garden, the tree of life has roots to crystal streams,

Angels hover, all are lovers, in this sweet daydream,

There is all manner of hope, all manner of prayer,

Think of it and be there,

The scent of rose, peony and lavender soft on the breeze,

Chocolate alibi, sparkling stars and willow trees,

You are everything in between,

All that was and all that will be,

I sail on currents of wind,

Trusting that you will always be my friend,

Dancing into the next phase,

Sustained by hope of another day


NaPoWriMo Day 6: Line Breaks


You were supposed to be the lock

I the key

But you veered differently

You traded loyalty and promise

For unfamiliar


I tried to forgive but my heart never forgot what you



I do

Wander through the desert stuck at perpetual oasis

Unsure of sight/sound of torture/bliss

I do

Make new promises I can’t keep

Only fulfilling steadfast lack of sleep

I do

Trust that in time

I will find

What I seek

May you find that only always forever that you misplaced unreplicable key


May your lock never un-latch


S/he will stomp your door in, guns blazing and show you a new way

I hope you will never be okay