NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-Two: Georgic*


Some seek holiness, some seek salvation,

The question and answer wait in divine dirt magic of creation,

I’m from the city,

What I know of agriculture, I know vicariously,

I know that plants sustain me,

Yet my attempts to grow them have gone mostly unsuccessfully,

The ground was not quite right, inhabitable clay,

When I restored the soil, the bunnies ate what grew all day.


Behold, She is a Priestess of dirt,

Her alchemy has nourished many in our shared world,

In the winter she dreams,

Of seeds sprouting into any number of things,

I have studied her thaumaturgy,

Waking, making, reality of envirotheopraxic dreams.



*Inspired by:

The darling Happy Urban Housewife, read more of her musings here:

Also inspired by Rev. Anna Woofenden, read more about her community, The Garden Church here:

In addition, I would like to also mention the inspiration given by Rainbow Warrior, Blair Frank, who is beyond proficient in cultivating kindness, love, community and a garden that has oft been a sanctuary to me and so many others. Read more about Gaia’s here:

Thank you for reading, Happy Earth Day! 



Poetry for Pantheists


The creek ripples, the birds sing,

The bells of leaves are shaken by the warm breeze,

Lime and fluttering, they wave hello to me,

The wheat is scattered for, by and with my ancestors.

Barefoot and brave, I march on,

Calling and hugging the Earth,

Mama, manna, I’m home.