You pacifed your wounds with smoke and spirits

I held hand doubtful, you were deaf to hear it,

This affection is rare and can’t be faked

And you take and take and take

Filling your pockets with the best of my intentions,

Why have I left myself with only crumbs?  The question, my lesson,

I will not allow myself to drop into limerance and only be caught by cold hard Earth,

You could have caught me had you only known your worth,

I can’t convince you of what you don’t know to be true,

This is why my love, I now release you.


I release you that I might hold onto me,


May we find peace and hearts lustrous, beaming, free


Day 10 NaPoWriMo: Simultaneity


She wouldn’t know for 5 revolutions,

That he shattered their innocence,

In the black, ignorance was her bliss,

Cloaked in the lies of betrayals kiss,


Existing, persisting are the boulders Sisyphean,

She doesn’t have to squint, she can clearly see them


Concurrent days and nights run parallel,

There is no bed as inviting as the tomb you’ve sealed for yourself,


Yet the crystal rivers continue to run,

Come Goddess, Rise Goddess, It is time you begun

A. Miner: Refrain





Caked in soft mud,

Squinting in sparkling sun,

I rise to a new day,

The cracked horizon, I survey,

I mined for diamonds in the depths of you,

Above ground, lime lush, you had a different view,

Golden canary of your affair sang,

I pray for strength to endure real or perceived pain,

Is this really how our paths part?

I fear there is no way out of my labyrinth heart,

Now at the center, I will follow way opening,

So shall it be said, so shall it be.

Cast Your Shadow


(Image credit: http://f.fwallpapers.com/images/shadow-love.jpg)

Cast your shadow

On me

I’ll be everything

That we wanted to be

I guess love

Really is just

A construct

Of the mind

But I’ll be

fine, fine, fine

Just give it

time, time, time.

Cast your shadow on me

I’ll be everything

That we wanted to be

Cast your shadow on me

I’ll be everything

That we’ll never be