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Composition: Light

Jeweled feathers awaiting flight,

Silhouette unceasingly walking each labyrinth chamber,

Transfixed by holy other, familiar stranger,


Simultaneous bated breath,

Will we?

Soar or sink?

I untether the velvet,

Birdcage heart door swings

“Prodigal flâneur” the bird sings




NaPoWriMo Day Six: A Poem that looks at the same thing from various points of view.


(My dog, full name: Princess Ashlynn Rose Von Barnhart aka Bin Bin)

5 pounds, from the farm, we brought her home,

Mostly she slept, short little legs dream-kicking remembering the black dirt and green grass she used to roam.

When awake she was a terror, attacking wires, couch cushions, bags of flour, chives and m&m’s,

For her, shredding purses, pillow and shoes were just a typical weekend.

As she grew, she began protecting us,

She shrilly barked at cats, vacuums, brooms, balloons, guests and wind gusts.

She left her squeaky toys in doorways to notify her of our movements,

She was never far, Captain Underfoot her alter ego, while we were cooking and dropping her treats in the kitchen.

Our protector also has a sweet side,

Sappy brown puppy dog eyes,

Begging to lick discarded yogurt cups,

Flopping on her side, a cue for love and belly rubs.

10 years have faded her once vibrant red face,

She moves a little slower and she now shines silvery gray,

She is tufts of fur and warm spots in cold rooms,

She is smiling, sparkling eyes and loving la roo la roo’s.

Friend (Sending Song)

The inspiration for this song is the awe, wonder and delight I feel for the human race and all those who have become friends along this journey that is life. To all of you, those I have met and those I have yet to meet:



This is where our paths do part,

Though I’ll hold you ever in my heart,

You are where I begin and end

and I’m so blessed to call you a friend.

I pray the light would reach you

Guide you and teach you

I send you all the love I can send,

I’m so blessed to call you a friend,

And I pray you’ll be as blessed,

Until the day so sweet, when our paths will cross again,

Our paths will cross again.