A. Miner: Refrain





Caked in soft mud,

Squinting in sparkling sun,

I rise to a new day,

The cracked horizon, I survey,

I mined for diamonds in the depths of you,

Above ground, lime lush, you had a different view,

Golden canary of your affair sang,

I pray for strength to endure real or perceived pain,

Is this really how our paths part?

I fear there is no way out of my labyrinth heart,

Now at the center, I will follow way opening,

So shall it be said, so shall it be.


Day 15 NaPoWriMo: Reflect On the Nature of Being In the Middle of Something

    …Because you know, we’re “halfway there”



Remembering the start of rain,

Success nor love, happen in only a day,

Liminal honey hive,

The story continues as long as you’re alive,

Redeemed and Redeeming,

Somewhere between dreamed and dreaming,

She is carrying a peanut to the finish line,

We will cheer her on the whole time,

Wish we could make it all, last,

Triumph, tragedy, impermanence, this too shall pass,

Celebrate the milestones, celebrate until it’s time to stop,

Celebrate the start, end and soon to begin again raindrop.