Day 17 NaPoWriMo: Nocturne



A couple walks by with a small dog, a young man with a baby,

She mumbles and turns away from me,

“Your whole life goes so fast,

You blink and it’s all past.”

I wish I had some reassuring words but none suffice,

I wish I could free her from grief’s vice.


Day Three NaPoWriMo: Elegy


When she laughed, she gasped, as if trying to breathe all the happiness into her broken heart,

We should have known, how could we know that she was falling apart?

Had we listened to the gasps,

Would she now still be in our present and not our pasts?

These are the questions that make it hard to sleep,

These are the questions that make it easy to weep.

She is now light, soft stone and breeze on melody,

We now, reverent tongue-tied, all one and free as ebony.