Heroine’s Journey: Part 1



Swallowing you whole your lover devoured you and spat you out in pieces each new day

In recesses of depths you were convinced you had lost the way,

Your fingertips and lips

grasped at embers while casually speaking of abyss,

The falling star sinkhole that your faith became,

The opal moonlight obscures and illuminates

The wobbly cobblestone labyrinth

The languid last breath and rushed first kiss

The dusk of uncertainty

Dawn’s constant reliable profundity,

All wrapped in soft white leather,

Bound in belief of something ‘better’

Choirs of cascading notes cocoon

Seeds, Small feet, Planted, big shoes,

Lead and follow, same dance, branch to root



Sacred is a circle,

Blessed is the moon,

Enduring are the stars,

Twinkling in thy eye of eternity.


Gather together the corners of colors

Into your satchel

And I will ready this parcel for post.


When it finds land, as it always does,

Promise me you will plant it

And saturate it with the rivers melodies

Just like we always dreamed we would do.


Unkind clocks

Slipping feet in soft sand, a perplexing paradox,

I never knew,

I would never know,

I already knew

fighting and finding trust

From stardust to stardust.


Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtCbf5uu1Ls