NaPoWriMo Day 7: Layers of Identity

Which pronoun do you address me by? Which do you see?

All fully realized, un/re-fulfilled, all facets of reality,

At the helm, some say a soul, a spark, a brain at the wheel,

Which primordial raindrop do you feel?

Sparks flying in the celestial, containing all galaxies,

Villain/Hero, Mythic/Attested, Ever evolving ,

Sempre aeternam tempus, only ever just



Day 30: NaPoWriMo (Things That Happen Again and Again)


Sun sets, moon rises,

New day, new lives begin,

To seek peace, there must be war,

There will always be rich, there will always be poor,

Those who celebrate and those who mourn,

Those with strength and those meek,

Those righteous hungry and thirsting,

The O/other, the same,

A line, a lie, a name,

The truth is a circle and we sit around the bonfire and sing,

We raise our voices to nothing and it’s everything,

Nothing is everything,

We will be free,

When we can see,

The line between you and me,


Blessed are the ignorant,

Blessed be the skeptic,

For theirs is the kin-dom of heaven.