NaPoWriMo Day 27: Tarot Art Inspired


Pour your fragrant offering at the altar of their feet

Let them fill their cup with you, when you meet,

You’ve no need but to sparkle shine

Build your empire Queen, one day at a time.

Do not be afraid to ascend,

All that was dirt once had to pretend,

Dolly Parton wasn’t built in a day,

Cost her pretty pennies to look that way,

She found the key that you now grasp,

Take a breath, take a leap, take a gasp,

I promise you I won’t let you fall,

I will hold my own crown and walk tall


NaPoWriMo Day 13: Ghazal

Many nights I’ve wondered since the attack, why us?

A shoe is responsible for what we now lack, why us?

How could a shoe destroy our entire family, why us?

We feel like we’re lost at turbulent sea, why us?

We don’t even know the color of the shoe, why us?

There must be a reason for what shoes do, why us?

We were shocked to learn that we are the shoe, we are the star, why us?

Unlocked from stagnation, freed from bell jar, why us?



'The humans have weapons of mass destruction.'


Sacred is a circle,

Blessed is the moon,

Enduring are the stars,

Twinkling in thy eye of eternity.


Gather together the corners of colors

Into your satchel

And I will ready this parcel for post.


When it finds land, as it always does,

Promise me you will plant it

And saturate it with the rivers melodies

Just like we always dreamed we would do.


Unkind clocks

Slipping feet in soft sand, a perplexing paradox,

I never knew,

I would never know,

I already knew

fighting and finding trust

From stardust to stardust.