NaPoWriMo Day 24: Elegy


For someone who seemed to grasp their mortality you now seem to not grasp onto shit,

Fill your head up with nonsense, trying not to be sad to exist,

Storm cloud self created, you should be basking in loves rays yet,

You find a way to distance from everything but maybe you’re just a shade loving plant,

Am I the sun scorching you or am I the moon inviting you to dance?

Are we already saying goodbye?

Maybe if you can’t tell me your name, but I’ve only got time,

Or do I? See I really don’t know, life goes fast until it goes slow,

For now all I need is to know,

Are we walking this path alone or together?

Be prepared to rise if you stick around, bird, meet your feather


NaPoWriMo Day 17: Family Anecdote


No hard feelings, it was the curse

You were destined to be first,

The curse made me strong seeking that which could not stand,

You’ll find in time, the curse will have made you a stronger man,

We will both move on

Sing new songs,

Into the river they leapt arms locked, it was war,

Now is after, that was before,

Now it’s time for seeds to scatter,

We’ll always have Jesus and the latter,

Don’t be bitter, it was just the curse,

You were destined to be first

NaPoWriMo Day 9: A poem in which something big and something small come together.


Fill the void with luscious melodies

Words woven into worlds when you are next to me

Can we partake?

In a moment of grace?

Which seed do we sow of which do we forfeit?

Some risks sometimes outweigh benefit,

One discerns as they learn,

Then way opens and you take your turn,

Hoping ever slightly to do better than the ones before,

Nothing is everything and everything is evermore

Ode to Opal



I once knew your tender rage,

Evolution, turn the page,

I trusted, you loved me,

Once we were not who we turned out to be,

Pendulum suit/staircase,

Un/familiar heart/face,

Seeking luminous infinite home,

Future: unending opal road

Kaleidoscopic Ebrah



12,568 reported deaths

Each night with eyes like hands

Clasping earthen beads

Malas and rosaries

Like a phoenix rising with stars and sun

Irrepressible iridescence, flight begun




Parched in the desert, I wander,


Seeking radiant quartz,

Anchored to Sapphire Ocean

That we would sail together,

Tops of mountains, down the slopes

Mangled, bloody, bruised and broken,

Ice, cracked and frozen,

snow swirls in the breeze of change.

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What about you? What are you reading/watching/listening to? How is it engaging or draining you?


All Love,

Songbird Sparkle: April