Muddy Water



Do you like the chase more than the catch?

I want future, you want past,

You get bored when you think,

You possess that which you seek,

But I’m assured that with time,

You’d find you’ll never fully possess that which is my mind,

Maybe I think too much but I think you only bore of yourself,

To be clear, I’m inviting you on an adventure, I don’t want anybody else.


Dear Estranged Adoreah


What truth

Are you rising to?

Awe filled lungs, watery sky,

Are you floating in or passing by?

Do you trust your breath?

Or do you only worry about the next?

Who taught you? Who cares?

Forgettable lesson, fiery endless stairs,

To step off remind yourself of transition, pause,

Steps already learned, applause,

You are river, cloud and song,

You are wind, perfect subjective combination

NaPoWriMo Day 12: Alliteration and Assonance


Does your divinity dance in daring dawn dreams?

Create and commune in cave of citrine,

Vibrant violet velvet vine,

Warm water wading, wind woven words flow like wine.

Quizzical, did the quest conquer or just proceed question?

Open origin,

Opulent ocean,

Let your remarkable roots rust,

In turquoise time we trust,

All to rise to be true,

Tortoise and tender new tattoo.

Is your feather free, your fire fine?

Fabulous freak, let the flag fly!

Thank the input, thank the insight,

Leap in the lavender lilac light.

Have a holy healing holiday,

Going knowing, all goals and growth are found in Grace.

Day Five NaPoWriMo: Poem based on the Natural World



Water, essential, carrier and cure of disease,

Filling our swimming pools, bath tubs and washing machines,

Funneled from,

Restricted and flammable for some.

A deep abyss,  unmarked graves,

A triumph, icy swimming lessons, conquering and conquered waves,

Svadhishthana, entire ocean in a drop,

Home to neon coral and slippery frog.

Reflector of the sky’s beauty.

Queen-dom of Eingana, Longmu and origin of Aphrodite.

Pilgrims seeking healing at holy wells,

Baptisms saving us from man-made hells.

3 women wading as dragonflies dance,

Flood, drought, moonlight and log jams,

Effervescent depths, the world’s original highways,

Mighty mountains worn down by persistent strength,

All born under water with 6 dimes and 3 dollars,

All streams, converge.